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Learn with unique creative classes

Along with providing design and creative services, I also offer a large selection of creative classes to help you in your own artistic pursuits. From design and branding to illustration and creative thinking, there a classes on offer for all creative endeavours. Peruse the class list below and start your creative education today. I am here to offer support to you in your art and design pursuits, contact me through the form below with any queries or questions you might have.


Mimicry to Mastery: Drawing Portraits from Reference

This class will take you through the basics of illustrating from reference. Helping you improve your eye and hand skills in developing likeness in your imagery. This class is great for any skill level, it can help you with a basic understanding of drawing as well as improve the skills of a fine artist. We will go all the way from understanding the anatomy of a face and working with basic shapes to rendering a realistic or stylised portrait .


Warming up - Exercises to Help you Create your Best Art

This class is designed to help you relax into your art works and help you produce your best art every time. The exercises demonstrated in this series will activate both your hand and your eye and help increase your level of illustration at a higher pace.


Finding your style: Make art that is uniquely yours

One of the most common questions I see float across the art world is how did you find your style? or I don’t quite know my style. This is something which took me a while to answer and master myself, however here it is. This class will take you through a tried and tested process that I have developed to help you find your artistic style. 


Creating an eBook

This class will take you step by step through the process of creating an ebook or free product incentive for your clients. This is a great class if you want too: promote your business, build a clientele base or mailing list, give back to your customers and make yourself and your business approachable.