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Social Media Marketing and Online Customer Engagement

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Social media, Today it is a necessary part of running a business. It is a step in for the morning newspaper, the wealth of knowledge for our youth and a world which we all partake in, whether it be as just an observer, a socialiser or a super star.

Social media is also a very confusing and time consuming world, especially when it comes to business. What do I post? Where should I be active? What is a tweet? What do my followers want from me? It is certainly a challenging undertaking as part of business but it is necessary. Social media is the place to be, it is the coffee shop where people chat about their favourite things, it is the catalogue of the millennial, it is the new yellow pages. 

I am here to ease the burden of keeping up appearances on social media. I offer an array of options to help take away the time consuming mess of advertising your business online and hope to deliver you a streamlined system to let your online presence flourish.

So what do I offer? I find each person has a different level of engagement they would like to have with their business online. Some people just want to spend time doing the job they are good at while others don’t mind being social media butterflies and just want a hand to tidy up the loose ends. This is why I tailor packages fit for each individual client. Some options which I offer include:

  • The creation of your social media look; banners, profile pictures and base imagery
  • Templating designs for your posts
  • Copywriting for your posts
  • Developing your posts in entirety - design/imagery/text
  • Research and analysis into your target market and competition to provide you with a social media plan
  • Running of 1 or more of your social media platforms for you (excluding messaging, and direct customer service)
  • Delivering you monthly analytics in your social media platforms engagement and growth

In conjunction with social media marketing and management I also provide the option for email customer engagement including newsletters and EDM marketing.

If you are interested in any of these options please contact me through the below form and I will work with you to tailor a package to your needs. Let’s start saving you. Focus on running your business and living your life, and let me take care of the rest.