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The Beauty of Letters

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Words are beautiful and complex things. A random collection of letters conveying unique meanings with each reassembly. I love the art of writing and reading the work of those which are so much more eloquent than I am.

I may not be a beautiful wordsmith but I do love the art of letters and the visual appeal of good typography and calligraphy. 

As a designer I work in typography, arranging texts and creating appealing and readable products for clients. From brochures, business cards and ebooks to websites and magazines. Typography is such a vital part of all design and should be carefully considered and taken care of. I take the readability and presentation of text as one of the most important aspects of all design and work with my clients to highlight their most important message and add to the quality of their words.

As you can see good typography is important to me and also a valuable part of design. However I also enjoy working with individual letters and combining my loves of graphic design and illustration.  In one of my most recent projects and challenges I worked with the english alphabet, combining it with ink illustrations of succulents to form modern print designs over 26 days. This project was in conjunction with the 36 days of type challenge which is held annually over instagram and is a beautiful opportunity to see the works of many dazzling artists and designers and play with the english alphabet. I have participated twice in this event and will continue to do so as I highly value the written language and what you can create from it.

Below you will see a collection of various letters I illustrated for this years collection. Each corresponding to a succulent plant named with the corresponding letter. To see the collection in full, head to my instagram


Over my time as a designer I have created several illustrative alphabets and individual letters. I love creating these works as prints and unique pieces for clients. A beautifully illustrated letter could be a great house warming gift or baby name plate.

If you are interested in any of the work I do or commissioning your own individual letter please contact me through the form below. I am more than happy to be of service and create something special for you.