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Using your sketchbook to up your skills

illustrationCara Ord

I am a professional designer, illustrator and artist and the one thing I can tell you about a career in the creative field is that you never stop learning. Whether you have to fast track your learning of new programs and trend styles constantly updating in your field or learning entirely new skills all together, it is a never ending process of self education which takes a deep commitment and consistency to make sure you always stay at the top of your game.

The best tool I have found to help me along the way in my career is my sketchbook. It is a dedicated personal space designed for growth, emerged in the visual culture which my career and way of thinking revolves around.

Keeping a sketchbook is ideal for all creatives. It is not just a place to doodle, and draw cute things. A sketchbook is a place to learn and experiment and to up-skill yourself in your craft. It is a place for visual note-taking and practice. An ideal private location for you to show and develop your weaknesses and develop them into strengths.

If you are unsure of the use of a sketchbook and how it can apply to your work, or have a sketchbook which you are not using to its full potential, I have developed a full class dedicated to this fantastic tool. The class is tailored to artists and illustrators however the rudimentary concepts can easily be applied to design.

In this class we will go through planning out your sketchbook, exercises you can use to develop your skills and the importance of this private safe haven for your learning.

I hope you can join me in this class.

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I hope you enjoy this class and I will see you in my next blog,

Talk to you soon.